Offseason Weight Program

A complete offseason program for any athletic program... A-W Sportsware

$99.00 Trial Program Available  

Features include:

· A full function data base for your use.
· Allows up to 5 sets per lift giving the exact amount to be lifted on each lift
· Adjustable % to maximum lifts to allow more flexibility in planning your workouts for each set.
· Allows grouping of athletes according to ability
· Includes a point system to rank your athletes on lifts and other tests
· Includes a + or — maximum lift to body weight report
· Prints workouts by lifts while grouping athletes
· Prints individual workouts by athletes including all lifts
· Calculates total weight lifted by combining lifts that you select (Ex: Big Four Lifts)
· Prints Max reports for all lifts and ranks athletes
· Prints an Attendance Grid to keep attendance for each athlete
· Tracks other testing such as 40 yard dash, Vertical Jump, etc.
· Includes an Outdoor Running and Conditioning Program that you can enter all your drills.
· Lightening fast and a great time saver.
· Includes an athlete tracking file for phone numbers, parent info, medical information, class schedules.

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